I’ve moved!

As my work has grown and developed, I’ve realized that what I need in a website isn’t the same anymore.

For my storytelling work, go here. For more of my writing on arts education and youth development, try here, too.


Caleb Winebrenner
creator, Discovering Teaching Artistry



  1. Hey Caleb,
    I featured your blog on my weekly round up of resources and news about education. I am especially drawn to story telling and am happy to recommend your work!


    1. Thank you! And I look forward to your guest post!

  2. I continue to be enlightened.

  3. Hi Caleb,
    I was checking out some of the articles on idealist.org and found your post Life after AmeriCorps: 3 lessons I’ve learned about job hunting

    Great stuff!

    I couldn’t help but notice you linked to that the link to your first point around networking was broken. I’ve created a thorough and up-to-date list of the 21 best Linkedin Networking Groups for Life After AmeriCorps. Here’s the link in case you’d like to check it out: http://www.ngcareerstrategy.com/20-linkedin-groups-every-americorps-member-should-belong-to/

    It might be worth a mention in your article.

    Either way, keep up the awesome work!


    1. Thank you! I’ll see if I can have them update the link.

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