Monday Motivation: How to Show Kids You Care

The Search Institute is devoted to researching everything that young people need to be successful, well-rounded, and equipped for life. They focus on relationships in the community with caring adults, not on IQ or other mainstream measures. This delightful minute-long video is straight from some of the children, sharing what they want from you, as their mentor, teacher, parent, and guide.



  1. Thank you Caleb! I love the work you are doing. Makes me want to come join you in your work! I just shared your site with a friend of mine who is absolutely magic with kids, play, and learning. Maybe she can be a resource for the book you are writing. Please let me know if that would be helpful.
    In lovingkindness,

    1. Thank you, Alex! I look forward to hearing from your friend; she sounds like a wonderful person and a wealth of knowledge. Please follow my blog and keep in touch!


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