Starting a Learning Journey

This blog is in a place of transition. As I say on the Welcome page, I’m always working to make it the kind of site I hope it can be — one part a resource for other teaching artists and our colleagues, and one part a place to share my creative work. As Eric Booth has said, “80% of what you teach is who you are.”

To that end, I’ve joined with the Mycelium School, an incredible team of experiential learners and doers, to clarify my goals and dive into what I hope to put out into the world in the coming couple of years, including this site and The Community Builder’s Playbook. During this time, I’ll still be posting articles, book reviews, and links on here — but you may also begin to notice some subtle shifts in the direction of my content. (I’m not fully sure what these will be, so you’ll be surprised along with me).

Mycelium is also offering a blog to everyone on the Learning Journey to document their work. If you’d like to see more of the thoughts-in-progress and creative impulses guiding the transformations happening here, you can go to that blog, for now called “Working Title.”

The Learning Journey lasts until February, so in that time I will also be posting results from the experience here. Wherever you choose to read about it, thanks to everyone for your ongoing support and interest as I discover more about being a teaching artist!


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  1. […] Arts (I’ll be posting videos from that in the near future), but it is also partly due to the Learning Journey I’ve been doing. In that process, I’ve been taking a thorough look at my goals for the […]

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