Back in December or so, Mike Rohde asked me on Twitter if I’d like to review his book on sketchnoting, since he saw that it was something I was starting to explore. I readily agreed. I shortly realized, however, that if I wanted to do The Sketchnote Handbook any semblance ofjustice, I needed to practice […]

Will Smith is a talented actor, but more important he is someone who worked for his success, keenly aware of his potential. Here’s 9 minutes of his gleaned wisdom, taken from several longer interviews. Here’s to a great week with your students and community. Let’s keep energizing our students. Share your thoughts in the comments!

In (arts) education, there are plenty of resources that discuss how art is in itself a method of inquiry and experiential learning (see the work of Jonothan Neelands, Gavin Bolton, Brian Way, and many others). In my last post, I shared how I am also deeply committed to inquiry-based, Socratic models for learning. Fun fact: […]

Back in November, I got an email from a school I had been in contact with about bringing in teaching artists for enrichment programs. “We have an opening for an English teacher for next semester. Would you like to apply?” “Why not?” I thought. Every teaching artist has been here, needing more work, and more […]

This week’s Monday motivation is to honor all of the teachers going back to school this week or next. Back in 2006 (so really not that long ago), a class of high schoolers was asked to write persuasive letters to favorite authors. One wrote to Kurt Vonnegut, and actually got a response (also note, Vonnegut […]

You may recall my post a while back on beginning my journey with the Nurtured Heart Approach. For the final Monday of 2013, I’m thrilled to share a brief video introducing the Approach and the incredible effects it can have. In 2014 I will be going more in depth with my practice and learning of […]

It’s the week of Christmas! Even if you don’t celebrate, I hope that you, your students, and your family and friends are all in a place of good cheer. Here’s a clip from a wonderful Christmas film, Elf. May your week be filled with smiles like Buddy — and plenty of excitement. 🙂