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The Sketchnote Handbook [Book Review]

Back in December or so, Mike Rohde asked me on Twitter if I’d like to review his book on sketchnoting, since he saw that it was something I was starting to explore. I readily agreed. I shortly realized, however, that if I wanted to do The Sketchnote Handbook any semblance ofjustice, I needed to practice […]

Monday Motivation: Make Your Soul Grow

This week’s Monday motivation is to honor all of the teachers going back to school this week or next. Back in 2006 (so really not that long ago), a class of high schoolers was asked to write persuasive letters to favorite authors. One wrote to Kurt Vonnegut, and actually got a response (also note, Vonnegut […]

We don’t define…

We don’t define play. But we do have a phrase that we use to help us identify what is play. And that phrase is that: Play is a set of behaviors that is freely chosen, personally directed and intrinsically motivated. And we use that as a touchstone for testing out whether we’ve provided a rich […]

Word-Play (Literally)

With all of the wonderful reading I’ve been doing on games and creative play lately, I realized that some fun insights could be had around words stemming from the Latin word for play. Ludus — Latin for play, game. Also the name for primary schools in ancient Rome. Ludi — Latin for players, or students, depending on […]

The Well-Played Game [Book Review]

Back in 1978, lover of games Bernard De Koven published a little book called The Well-Played Game: A Player’s Philosophy. Before computers, video games, or the voluminous research on how play affects the brain, Bernie De Koven put forth the seeds of what play, games, and the community that creates them together could mean for our […]

Eric Zimmerman’s Manifesto for a Ludic Century

Eric Zimmerman’s Manifesto for a Ludic Century This short Manifesto extolls the intrinsic value of games and playing them. Games are sublime, responsive to our needs, and participatory to the core. In this way, Zimmerman says, games are a crucial feature of the the future and how our society is growing and changing. Do I […]

The Community Builder’s Playbook

Last Thursday, something happened. Something big. That morning my crowdfunding campaign launched for my book-in-progress. Later that day, I turned in my application for an Artist Research and Development Grant from the AZ Commission on the Arts. Over the weekend, the campaign already raised the first $100 dollars, and I submitted the project for a […]