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Open to Outcome [Book Review]

In (arts) education, there are plenty of resources that discuss how art is in itself a method of inquiry and experiential learning (see the work of Jonothan Neelands, Gavin Bolton, Brian Way, and many others). In my last post, I shared how I am also deeply committed to inquiry-based, Socratic models for learning. Fun fact: […]

Should a Teaching Artist become a Teacher?

Back in November, I got an email from a school I had been in contact with about bringing in teaching artists for enrichment programs. “We have an opening for an English teacher for next semester. Would you like to apply?” “Why not?” I thought. Every teaching artist has been here, needing more work, and more […]

Life After Americorps: Job-hunting tactics that have had surprising results

Life After Americorps: Job-hunting tactics that have had surprising results The third article in my Life After AmeriCorps series on Idealist Careers

Monday Motivation: Forget Pedagogy

I’ve become increasingly intrigued by sketchnotes as a learning tool (and an ethnographic one, for that matter, but I digress). This sketchnote from Brad Ovenell-Carter not only captures the beauty of sketchnotes, but makes a memorable argument for pedagogy. Artistic and educational motivation on this brisk Arizona Monday! What are your ideas for how we […]

We don’t define…

We don’t define play. But we do have a phrase that we use to help us identify what is play. And that phrase is that: Play is a set of behaviors that is freely chosen, personally directed and intrinsically motivated. And we use that as a touchstone for testing out whether we’ve provided a rich […]

Storysharing as the Answer to our Cultural Calamity [Guest Post]

Discovering Teaching Artistry is pleased to welcome our first guest contributor, Emily Gray of Living Equals Learning.  Recently I started reading Wendell Berry’s classic critique of modern culture and agriculture, The Unsettling of America. Originally written in 1977, his words are prescient and, while his is an agriculture aim, I would like to argue that […]

Monday Motivation: How to Show Kids You Care

The Search Institute is devoted to researching everything that young people need to be successful, well-rounded, and equipped for life. They focus on relationships in the community with caring adults, not on IQ or other mainstream measures. This delightful minute-long video is straight from some of the children, sharing what they want from you, as their mentor, […]