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Monday Motivation: Greatness is in All of Us

Will Smith is a talented actor, but more important he is someone who worked for his success, keenly aware of his potential. Here’s 9 minutes of his gleaned wisdom, taken from several longer interviews. Here’s to a great week with your students and community. Let’s keep energizing our students. Share your thoughts in the comments! […]

Open to Outcome [Book Review]

In (arts) education, there are plenty of resources that discuss how art is in itself a method of inquiry and experiential learning (see the work of Jonothan Neelands, Gavin Bolton, Brian Way, and many others). In my last post, I shared how I am also deeply committed to inquiry-based, Socratic models for learning. Fun fact: […]

Monday Motivation: Intro to the Nurtured Heart Approach

You may recall my post a while back on beginning my journey with the Nurtured Heart Approach. For the final Monday of 2013, I’m thrilled to share a brief video introducing the Approach and the incredible effects it can have. In 2014 I will be going more in depth with my practice and learning of […]

How Children Succeed [Book Review]

In the last several weeks I’ve applied for teaching jobs for the next semester. While we all know that being a teacher and being a teaching artist are not the same, a book I just finished reading has given me a new appreciation for the common ground — and common goals — that both types of educators […]

Storysharing as the Answer to our Cultural Calamity [Guest Post]

Discovering Teaching Artistry is pleased to welcome our first guest contributor, Emily Gray of Living Equals Learning.  Recently I started reading Wendell Berry’s classic critique of modern culture and agriculture, The Unsettling of America. Originally written in 1977, his words are prescient and, while his is an agriculture aim, I would like to argue that […]

Monday Motivation: How to Show Kids You Care

The Search Institute is devoted to researching everything that young people need to be successful, well-rounded, and equipped for life. They focus on relationships in the community with caring adults, not on IQ or other mainstream measures. This delightful minute-long video is straight from some of the children, sharing what they want from you, as their mentor, […]

Monday Motivation: If I should have a daughter

In honor of the spoken word and storytelling project I’ll be leading at a local school starting this week, it seemed fitting that this week’s motivation be some spoken word. This is Sarah Kay, co-founder of Project V.O.I.C.E. Incredible stuff, isn’t it?   If you had to write your list of “things I know to be […]